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Should the University provide 24-hour library access?

Proposer name:

Ashley R. Bullard

What the idea is about:

For the union to work with the university to extend opening hours of libraries, especially closer to exam and due essay dates. With the aim of 24-hour access.

Why have you proposed it?:

Towards certain periods of the academic year the libraries can become rather busy and crowded, which can inhibit levels of work. An extension of hours available to study in should spread the distribution of students. It could also have beneficial aspects for students with other commitments, as they would be able to plan study time around commitments rather than the other way round.

There was some changes to this Idea, and the title now reads: Should the University work towards providing 24-hour library access? 
What the Idea about had removed the words 'and due essay dates'
The idea was sent to Referendum, with the panel voting 5:8 (Yes:No).




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Aalia Vania
9:01pm on 16 May 12 YES
Ashleigh Smithson
12:36am on 6 Mar 12 The University's reported profits for 2008-2009 were £497.2 million, I definitely think they can afford a 24 hour library!
James Hanson
8:42pm on 14 Feb 12 Another idea where the cost implication has not been considered. The extending of library hours for the sake of a handful of student every evening would require a sizeable economic cost due to the necessity to employ librarians, security etc. Does the cost increase (at a time when University resources are already stretched) really justify the benefit for a small few with abnormal work patterns?
Joshua Burge
1:46pm on 25 Jan 12 YES. HOWEVER - this has been demanded before, so don't expect anything to happen.
Adam Wilkinson
1:42pm on 30 Dec 11 What is worse than not having 24 hour access is them being shut for the ENTIRE xmas period - just at the time when everyone needs them most with the 9th January submission date looming. If other Universities can remain open throughout then surely Leeds could have opened for at least a few days for a reduced number of hours.
Yulia Bates
5:18pm on 28 Dec 11 Definitely! Leeds MET library is open 24/7 including Christmas holidays, for Leeds Uni not to be is an absolute disgrace!
Tian Niu
10:18pm on 29 Nov 11 YES!!!!!
Muhammed Ashraf
10:03pm on 29 Nov 11 Yes.........1000000000000times Yes
Muhammed Ashraf
10:03pm on 29 Nov 11 Yes.........1000000000000times Yes
Muhammed Ashraf
10:03pm on 29 Nov 11 Yes.........1000000000000times Yes
Muhammed Ashraf
10:02pm on 29 Nov 11 Yes, Definitely 24/7 is the way doubt. Bring on.....Needs new change...New year.
Francis Windram
4:59am on 29 Nov 11 It would seem that a vast majority of students here agree with this motion, and I must say I'm one of them. As valid as the point is that it will cost money, that is pretty much what the money is there for; to help students study towards their degree. I work much better at night (hence why I'm typing this at close to 5 in the morning) and it would be wonderful to be able to work at Edward Boyle at this hour. Although the computer clusters are 24h, the buzz of machines is pretty distracting, and at a time when you really need to work to polish up those closing sentences on your dissertation, it's vital that you can get the absolute silence that a library provides. The clusters have no space if you're working with a sketchbook or a few big reference books, and the lighting does get a bit glaring at times.
Amy Whitfield
6:56pm on 28 Nov 11 Yes defiantly- it would give more flexibility to students wanting to use the library.
Jompon Pitaksantayothin
6:18pm on 28 Nov 11 I agree with this idea. Edward Bolyle library should be 24/7 accessible.
Jade Wallis
2:05pm on 22 Nov 11 Yes! Leeds met has 24 hour libraries, why cant we?
Nicolas Stoner
8:47pm on 12 Nov 11 24hr libraries has always been seen as a "brilliant idea" but "never going to happen" kind of thing. But I don't see how the topic arises when we don't even have "until midnight" access to all of the libraries at the moment. Using the HS library most, having the opening hours on a Saturday from 10am to 5pm is equivalently halving the day. Maybe start with opening all the libraries 8am - midnight 7 days a week, then perhaps running trials after midnight to monitor use after these hours? Personally 2am closing would be brilliant.
Nitasha Berry
8:49pm on 11 Nov 11 Yes, we do need libraries open for 24hours, we need to be able to study there when we want and can..
Emma Quigley
1:01pm on 10 Nov 11 It would be more convenient if we were able to work more and plan more study time around other commitments. However, I am aware it would cost a lot to fund staff for this, which could be money better spent elsewhere.
Roshnie Patel
5:46pm on 9 Nov 11 100% yes!! at the very least during exam period
Francesca Heggie
3:46pm on 9 Nov 11 If 24hours isn't feasible and is too great a drain on resources then a compromise of maybe 2am would be an answer? Extending the opening hours in general is a positive thing that should be moved forward, the fact that on a Friday Leeds University gym is open longer than the library is a bit sickening..
Bradford Woodworth
10:47pm on 7 Nov 11 24 hours wouldn't be necessary, but it would be nice if they would at least stay open until 2. A lot of the time you're just getting going on a paper at 11:30 when they kick us out.
Aaron Dicks
8:27pm on 7 Nov 11 I think the first step should be to calm down the overzealous library staff that continuously kick me out of the library between 11:30 and 11:45, despite the opening hours being stated as midnight. Perhaps a happy medium would be keeping the library open later. There might not be significant demand at 5am, but there is definitely a demand for opening hours later than midnight.
Ting Tang
7pm on 7 Nov 11 Can't agree more
Atyasha Singh
12:46pm on 7 Nov 11 Yes I agree with the initial proposal to open library 24 hours.. Although if this is not feasible on all day maybe they could have it open all day all night on the weekends - Friday until Mon mornings. And also have more 24 hour clusters.
Ben Jackson
11:28am on 7 Nov 11 Firstly, it's great to see so much interest in this idea and it's clear students on thw whole think that this is a fantastic idea, which I agree with. The Education Officer and the Union in general have always seen library opening hours as an important issue and it's something that arises year after year. This is why we are working with the libraries constantly to try and improve them, and I hope the extended opening hours recently have helped somewhat. However, it is slightly complicated. If the University could provide 24 hour libraries I believe they would have done so already. I met with the libraries on Friday to talk to them about this. They showed me the headcount data at 2am during the May exam period - probably the busiest time of the year. At the start of the month there were 67 students in the library at this time, on the 11th this peaked with 119 and at the end of the month it decreased again to 56. The likelihood would be that this number would decrease to 20 - 30 students as the night wore on. They posed the question: Is it worth putting significant resources (at least 2 staff members and a security member) into opening throughout the night for a relatively small proportion of the student population, especially if this extra resource reduces provision somewhere else? From my point of view those 20-30 students are members of the Union and therefore if they need these resources then they should be available. But perhaps opening the library throughout the night isn't the most effective way of doing so. It would be good to get your thoughts on this... Also, what are your views on how highly opening hours rank in terms of other resources such as the numbers of copies of books? I hope this helps and continues the discussion. Cheers
Charlotte Gaukroger
2:46pm on 6 Nov 11 YES! Definitely. Everyone works differently, and at the moment as someone who works best late at night/early hours it is hard to find somewhere away from home to study. An alternative though would be more 24 hour cluster or just quiet areas with desks (no computers) available to study on your own laptop.
Charlotte Gaukroger
2:46pm on 6 Nov 11 YES! Definitely. Everyone works differently, and at the moment as someone who works best late at night/early hours it is hard to find somewhere away from home to study. An alternative though would be more 24 hour cluster or just quiet areas with desks (no computers) available to study on your own laptop.
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Le Wang
8:43pm on 2 Nov 11 most certainly yes!!!! especially health sciences library
Katharine Howard-Comber
7:12pm on 2 Nov 11 Yes, this is a reallllllly good idea. If you need to use a book that's reference only you're going to have to do everything before midnight, which realistically we all know few students manage in the run up to deadlines.
Alice Wolff
11:28am on 2 Nov 11 Yes, I think that this would be really helpful.
Anh Pham
2:31am on 2 Nov 11 Yes, it should be implemented asap. However consider the checking out system. Changes should be made to make the library works un-manned.
Shyam Kabutarwala
12:54am on 2 Nov 11 yes totally should!
Mun Lim
9:53pm on 1 Nov 11 YES
Jade Tinsley
7:48pm on 1 Nov 11 YES
Jeremiah Badrul Hisham
7:02pm on 1 Nov 11 I'm nocturnal so YES PLEASE!!
Seher Kulshreshtha
2:59pm on 1 Nov 11 YES!!!!
Jessica Morrison
2:47pm on 1 Nov 11 i think its a really good idea! Sometimes it is really hard to study or do work at all with all the noise in my flat and the surrounding flats. It would be great to have somewhere else to go in situations like this.
Patricia Kapur
11:06am on 1 Nov 11 I think that late night opening - say til midnight and early start , say 6am is a good idea but I don't think that it sends a good message about work / life balance and study habits for the library to be open all night.
Carley-Jane Batley
11am on 1 Nov 11 YES! A thousand times yes! It's ridiculous that the Brotherton closes at 17h on a Saturday
Anja Fernand
7:30am on 1 Nov 11 Great Idea!!! I work best early in the morning and it would be nice to be able to do research at that time as would be quieter too. I hope it goes through.
Anja Fernand
7:30am on 1 Nov 11 Great Idea!!! I work best early in the morning and it would be nice to be able to do research at that time as would be quieter too. I hope it goes through.
Henry Oliver
2:03am on 1 Nov 11 At other universities 24 hour access to their libraries is standard practice, why should leeds, one of the largest universities in the UK, not have this as well. Future students who will pay £9,000 a year should at least be given the option to go into their library at any time they want.
Chang Ge
1:46am on 1 Nov 11 Yes! That's a good idea! I hope so!
Orlando Edmonds
10:06pm on 31 Oct 11 Literally, I can concentrate only in the library. I get almost all of my work done between 10pm and 4am. No question about it.
William Piper
6:42pm on 31 Oct 11 Without a doubt....liverpool has a 24 hour library, mancehsster has 24 hour library access during exam periods and sheffield now has a 24 hour working space for those who prefer working at night in an academic environment..home does not count! I really hope this can be implemented as I think it would drastically improve the studies of many students who try and work at home but are easily distracted. Is there any sort of petition we can sign to push this idea through?!
Thomas Evans
4:21pm on 31 Oct 11 yes please! Work very well at night. would be ver beneficial!
Joshua Molyneux
3:55pm on 31 Oct 11 yes, good idea.
Mariia Romanenko
3:06pm on 31 Oct 11 Most definitely
Henry Davies
2:53pm on 31 Oct 11 Definitely a good idea.
Yue Li
1:28pm on 31 Oct 11 How can we pay 9k fees and not be given 24 hour library services when even Leeds Met down the road has had them for years
Michael Cook
1:23pm on 31 Oct 11 Yes, great idea... Are we going to Vote on this?
Alexander Wall
12:37pm on 31 Oct 11 Yes, it's a fantastic idea. It would make the library less busy at peak times and really benefit students who spend a lot of time in uni. Most of the 24 hour clusters are dreadful places to work.
Alice O'Rourke
10:29am on 31 Oct 11 YES at least on the weekends. Many people can only work at nights or work better in the evenings, and it shuts far too early on the weekends!
Jannette Lewsley
10:28am on 31 Oct 11 Any resource open longer is a plus!
Madeleine House
9:42am on 31 Oct 11 Yes, yes, yes. Definitely a good idea for those of us who work evenings & weekends... during my time at Leeds Met, the library was open 24/7 which was great if people wanted to drop in for a quiet browse after work, or if an essay was taking a little longer than planned.
Hassan Jamil
12:10am on 31 Oct 11 Yeah definitely, John Rylands in Manchester is open 24/7 in exam period. Leeds is behind Manchester in so many ways, this would just be a start
Dylan Morris Roberts
10:49pm on 30 Oct 11 individuals like myself suffer from sleep conditions that lead us to work when we can. if the university wants to cater for all people with various conditions, surely they should accommodate for people who by no fault of their own find themselves very alert and conscious around 3am. also to be considered is that reference books are nearly always being used in the middle of the day yet not so much late at night. and as a final point, some students work jobs in the evenings to help pay their way but would happily use the library facilities after work (particularly in exam times) if they werent shut.
Thomas Kelly
10:46pm on 30 Oct 11 OK, so the libary generally opens at 8 am and shuts at midnight. Most people would consider this to be quite a good service! Any money that we (by which I mean UoL) spend on keeping the library open when there are only a handful of people in it means less money for other resources, such as books. As such, I think we seriously need to ask whether this is a reasonable thing to request. I don't agree that having the library open longer would spread out usage; some times of the day will always be peak times (I know some others have already said something similar...). I can understand that having the library shut at 7pm on a friday is inconvenient, and I have occasionally wanted to use the libary at this time only to find that it is shutting. But, I suspect that there may be good reasons for this (ask the librarians?). I know that I may be in the minority here, but I think people should think a little more carefully before making requests such as this. I could see extending library opening hours at the weekend might be a good thing, but I don't think that 24hr library access is essential for most students. Equally, it would be nice if the libraries were open more during the hols (I would certainly appreciate this), but I think it may be a question of the greater good and the fact is that the majority of students are not around at these times. It makes more sense to spend our limited resources on more useful things. Those are just my thoughts...I can totally understand the opposite view though, especially when you're pushing a deadline!
Zahra John
8:43pm on 30 Oct 11 YES. The fact that the library only reopened the very week January exams began was an absolute joke and anyone that's been in the library until close has seen the crowds of people wanting to study being pushed out. Absolutely needs to change.
Mohd Bin Yahaya
8:34pm on 30 Oct 11 yes .. i am absolutely agree :)
Pragnesh Bhagat
6:48pm on 30 Oct 11 Great idea,,,,,as m a night reader and library for 24hr is fantastic option for me.
Amy-Leigh Harris
6:45pm on 30 Oct 11 Definitely! Or at least extend the hours, closing at 19.00 on a Friday is ridiculous. History students basically pay £3000 for a library membership and have to rely on the High Demand and reference section heavily, if we are paying so much we should at least have choice of when to study! Understandably there has to be time for cleaning and maintenance, however, by the state of the library it appears that they struggle to find time for this with the closing times as they stand!
Amanda Fearnley
6:41pm on 30 Oct 11 Absolutely. I am someone who works better late at night, and would like to be able to go the library whenever my brain feels most active!! I did my undergraduate degree at a University that had a 24-hour library only during exam times, and would have appreciated it all-year round.
Romario Nash
6:06pm on 30 Oct 11 I did my premaster in Cambridge and the libraries were open 24/7! Is it also possible to have more light in the libraries, it looks so dark and depressing! thnxx
Pau Enrique Moliner
6:05pm on 30 Oct 11 I am an Erasmus student used to have 24/7 library when exam periods are getting closer. I really would appreciate having 24 h library here in Leeds as well, since I am very used to only study during the moring. I would definitely agree with the idea of opening the library 24 h during the hole course, but I can understant the University has reasons for not doing so (mainly low students attendance during the very morning). However, I think it is very reasonable to ask for that service at least when close to (and during) exam periods: University does not have to do big effort, and we the students would make a big profit out of it, for sure.
Ritthisak Wongvutthipong
5:25pm on 30 Oct 11 i totally agree with this propose :) go on our reps !!!!
Nicholas Smith
5:11pm on 30 Oct 11 Yes, 24 hour libraries should be offered. They allow silent study with appropriate resources at any time and this can only be a positive thing for learning. Other universities offer this and so should Leeds.
Kate Pike
4:59pm on 30 Oct 11 this is a superawesome idea, libraries are cool.
Stephanie Boyle
4:52pm on 30 Oct 11 Definitely a great idea. Especially on weekends.
Karolis Velicka
4:46pm on 30 Oct 11 Yes yes yes!
Karolis Velicka
4:45pm on 30 Oct 11 Yes, definitely!
Thomas Hodgson
4:27pm on 30 Oct 11 Having done my undergraduate course at a University with 24hour libraries it seems odd that this service is not offered at Leeds University. Many students work or have other commitments that make studying during the day impossible. They don't even have to have librarians around as everything is self service anyway. All they need is a security guard as they do in most other universities.
James Valentine
3:46pm on 30 Oct 11 I agree. Personally I find it easier to work at night than during the day when there are so many distractions both where I live and in the libraries. 24 hour access would be a huge help.
George Vousden
3:38pm on 30 Oct 11 I think a greater problem during examination periods is finding a place to work at peak times. I would much rather see some extra silent study areas being provided during examination periods, such as empty lecture theatres.
Anan Mohammad Taher Farhat Abu-Rmieleh
3:10pm on 30 Oct 11 Definitely !! I agree
John Lucas
1:17pm on 30 Oct 11 Definitley a good idea! THere is nothing more annoying than getting to the library only to find it closed. Also good for those cases of needing an emergency textbook!
Laura Williams
12:44pm on 30 Oct 11 This is not a case of being 'organised' as some people seem to think. I am organised. I go to uni two days a week, work two of those other days and the other 3 I'm either taking a break or doing my work. Some people work, some peoplw work SHIFTS, some people work best at night, some people work best early in the morning. And as for getting your resources before the library closes, all of the books on my psychology course are always checked out. Some of us have to depend on 3 hour/reference books. Oh and I cannot afford to buy my own, which is why I chose a university with three libraries. Shame I didn't realise the opening times.
Dean Davis
12:42pm on 30 Oct 11 definitely
Jessica Fox
12:41pm on 30 Oct 11 Definitely!
Suzanne Fitzwater
12:38pm on 30 Oct 11 Brilliant idea, I have been saying this for the past two years! Other university have 24 hour libraries so why shouldn't we?
Vanessa Cox
11:47am on 30 Oct 11 Waste of resources keeping a library open 24 hours especially when there are already 24 hour clusters on campus. Instead of heating a 7 storey building, open up another 24 hour cluster. Students that need books to work with - well get prepared and get them out when the library is open. Use on-line resources. During examtimes then fine - but this is already implemented. Just get organised!
Samuel Stockley
11:43am on 30 Oct 11 They trailed this at The University of Portsmouth for 2 weeks to weigh up the pros and cons. Why not just do that?
Penelope Barlow
11:41am on 30 Oct 11 No, its not healthy to work long hours; I know the longer I work without a good break, the less productive I become. Besides having closing hours forces students to be more organised about their time, which is a good thing.
Lois Farrar
11:31am on 30 Oct 11 Yes!! Only a few days ago I had to leave the Brotherton library at 12pm, mid-essay, which disrupted my train of thought. I find it difficult to work anywhere but the library, and wish I could work there whenever I wanted, not between such restrictive hours!
Joshua Walker
11:05am on 30 Oct 11 The universities in America have 24 hour libraries that I used often late at night or early in the morning
Hellana Wruk
10:37am on 30 Oct 11 Deifinitely Yes!!! It's not just the late evenings, its better to be able to go in at 7am to print off some final bits of work, or proof read an essay etc. Students should have the option to go to the Libraries as they please.
Mohamad Ariffin
9:51am on 30 Oct 11 Yes.. Definitely a great idea
Liam Hennebry
12:58am on 30 Oct 11 Yes please!!! Great idea
Katherine Handy
12:49am on 30 Oct 11 I think this is a brilliant idea, all universities should offer access to the library 24 hours a day!
Timothy Yeo
11:28pm on 29 Oct 11 Definitely the best idea on here. Being kicked out is incredibly annoying especially if you're using texts from the Reference section, or even if you're just 'really into' an essay/book/report/whatever . The library is pretty much the only location where it's really easy to study - although the 24 hour computer clusters are there, they're often very noisy and distracting (in comparison!). Many other universities have this facility; why can't Leeds?
Susanna Atkinson
10:04pm on 29 Oct 11 Definately! As other students have pointed out, we're paying an awful lot of money to be denied unrestricted access to a basic study facility (especially considering many students have few contact hours and a LOT of self-study!). Plus, I reckon the current situation is more of a hindrance to students' health than being open all night would be, as those who now wish that the libraries were open past midnight are likely to do their work elsewhere in the early hours, though at greater inconvenience and without some of the resources they need (thereby taking longer than should be necessary). So I think the libraries should at least remain open later than midnight and earlier than 8am, if not 24 hours.
Sam Wong
9:46pm on 29 Oct 11 yes please, a lot of other unis are already doing it. it's a real joke that we get kicked out at a time most of us would be used to study.
Xiaoyu Xiong
9:44pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes! Of course!! We should have 24-hour library!!
Matthew Bunting
9:32pm on 29 Oct 11 100% support from me. Personally I work best at night and I also work best in libraries.
Elizabeth Kingsmith
9:13pm on 29 Oct 11 definitely lots of people work best at night
Bernice Leong
9:01pm on 29 Oct 11 good idea !!
Feifei Fei
8:22pm on 29 Oct 11 100% support!!! especially when the exam time !!!!!
Kwame Adu-Akyeampong
8:07pm on 29 Oct 11 YES!
Aamna Hussain
8:07pm on 29 Oct 11 YES.
Stephen Hoffman
7:50pm on 29 Oct 11 A good idea, especially around exam times - although cost implications wise it needs to be looked into.
Roger Cope
7:40pm on 29 Oct 11 Fantastic idea!! Just the other night I felt I had exhausted resources at home and needed something in a new place for new inspiration and to help with "a second wind".
Ishan Agrawal
7:04pm on 29 Oct 11 YES, YES, YES.......IT IS VERY MUCH NEEDED.....
Courtney Stone
6:47pm on 29 Oct 11 I can't say this is a good idea if I'm honest. If there was a 24 hour library, students who are hard-working are going to go and work all night long, then spend all day in lectures, then go again. It's encouraging students to put work before health by them not sleeping and it will affect their work eventually cos they will be so tired that they won't even know what they're writing. They'll fall asleep in lectures, become snappy and miserable, and won't enjoy their university life at all.
Ahmed Al-Aghbari
6:43pm on 29 Oct 11 Great idea..
James Wynne
6:36pm on 29 Oct 11 Definitely!
Rebecca Thomas
6:29pm on 29 Oct 11 Absolutley!
Isabelle Jones
6:09pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes definitely, or at least the chance to return books 24 hours. The number of times I've cycled all the way to uni with a bag full of heavy books at a relatively sensible time (eg. about 7.30pm on a Friday) only to find there is absolutely no way to return my books!
Melissa Brittle
4:58pm on 29 Oct 11 100% Support for this. When I came here, I'd researched so many universities and all of them had 24/7 access - I assumed it'd be the same here but when I checked, the library was closed!! You'd have to be aware of issues regarding cleaning/maintenance though, but otherwise this is probably the most essential thing we could do to improve productivity. I'm rather nocturnal myself, and I think most people do work better in the night-time - despite being a fresher, I don't go out/party or even drink, so 11pm-3am when my flatmates are out is the best time for me to study, and it would be even better if I didn't have to do it in my room and had library resources! I work best from 2am-5am so this would be fantastic. And sometimes you just need to get away from it all - having somewhere in the city that will not only allow me to study without boundaries, but also be the one place in the entire city (other than accommodation) I can feel safe and secure, or simply where I don't have to worry about prioritizing library opening times over the actual work I must do.
Rebecca Green
4:49pm on 29 Oct 11 Now this on the other hand is a brilliant idea!! the amount of time i have to do work when i am at home but end up getting distracted, if the library was open longer i would definitely be there and think it would help a lot of students. However i think you would also have to start making sure the library does stay as a library and not a social gathering place for students with nothing better to do. There is nothing more frustrationg than trying to concentrate on work with someone having a conversation about what they did last night right next to you!! DEFINITELY GO AHEAD WITH THIS ONE!!!!
Mangala Dilip
4:34pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes. Definitely. Some students like to work overnight and I feel they deserve to be in the library when they are studying.
Lucio Carboni
4:20pm on 29 Oct 11 To conclude. Students deserve the power to make changes. It's our money and I believe the we should manage the badget and create more facilities for ourselves, leaving the research and teaching aspects to the accademic staff. Yes, it would be possible to have a completely independent institution 'home-like', making students more responsible and therefore aware of the economic problems that the university is facing. I believe in the intelligence of the human being, not as means of taking advantge of nature, but as a way to make life more meaningful and enjoyable. I apologise as I had a mixture of feelings in the last few sentences, but something is sure, I do believe in people and in this case I do believe in students. I believe that students can take control, obviously in a positive way, of most of the issues in the university and make sure that our money are spent wisely. There is only one last word I'd like to leave you with and that word is REVOLUTION! Let us not be afraid to change ourselves and change the system!
Lucio Carboni
4:04pm on 29 Oct 11 Leeds university has not simly the facilities to satisfy students needs. We pay a lot of money, but what we get back is very little. Leeds met has managed to keep its libraries open since ever, how come? Smaller university in terms of space and financially, but still able to deliver better facilities than Leeds Uni. Students are simply abbandoned to themself. They go to the campus the least possible and spend the rest of the time somewhere else, probably a better or more inspiring place. The opening time of the libraries at Leeds uni are more similar to the ones of the coffeshops just opposite the Parkinson building. To be honest, sometimes some of the coffeshops are opened even longer in the weekend.
Krutika Hotwani
3:55pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes, 24 hour libraries are essential! It gets annoying to move all your stuff to a 24 hour cluster once the library shuts. On top of that, clusters get crowded because of this. 24 hour library's are definately a must during exam time!
Lucio Carboni
3:44pm on 29 Oct 11 Add a comment? lol In my opinion all the libraries, especiallly the Edward Boyle library, are absolutely the worst places to study. THERE IS SIMPLY NO DISCIPLINE AT ALL! A library should be a place where our intellect runs high, with no distractions. Instead, literally 90% of people(including students and stuff) have no respect or does not know how to maintain a proper behaviour in a library. To complete the point we can list what the problems are: Noise: as I've already stated, nobody cares. Talking: the same as above. Mobile phones: phones are not on silent, plus despite the fact that mobiles are not allowed, people still answer a call inside the premises and take their time to go out in the corridor, if they do! Music, yes music. Students listen to music on their earphones at maximum and are not aware of the fact the the sound spread in space anyway. Staff shutting the doors. Yes, unbeleivable, but true. They simply do not accompany the doors or even worst they pull the doors creating more noise. Now, do we really want a 24/7 library? What for? Discipline and Education are the keys to human development and both are missing very much in this environment.
Benjamin Brazel
3:36pm on 29 Oct 11 YES
Benjamin Brazel
3:35pm on 29 Oct 11 ye we should definitely have 24 hour libraries
Sarah Kuek
3:21pm on 29 Oct 11 yes please!! having a 24-hour library will promote conducive and productive studying, regardless of each person's personal timetables (and lets face it, we all have social lives too), and it also encourages a better work-play balance! isnt that what we all want, including the university, happier students with better grades?
Yoshinori Yamano
3:19pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes please!!!Especially on weekends...
Eleanor Taylor
3:18pm on 29 Oct 11 Definately!!
Yoshinori Yamano
3:18pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes please!!!!
Laura Williams
3:07pm on 29 Oct 11 It is AWFUL this isn't already in place, universities including Liverpool, Sheffield, Salford, Swansea etc. With increasing amounts of students having to work while at university, myself included, sometimes I would like to be able to go to the library from about 5-6am to get some work done. I find the opening times on our libraries restrictive, behind with the times and unfair. The EDGE can open from 6am but not the Edward Boyle? This also includes summer opening for PG students, I stay in Leeds over the summer to work as I cannot afford not to and my partner came here to study an MA. I find the summer opening times shocking for those paying most often out of their own pocket to be pushed out at 5pm and sometimes not open on weekends. If you want students to pay 12k then start giving us the opportunity to study at the times we want to rather than restrict us. Not everyone keeps the hours you want to keep. Salford uni ran a trail period: With AMAZING results. Opening Eddy B to 12pm on a Saturday is just rubbish.
Jonathan Sears
2:58pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes!
George Lambert
2:40pm on 29 Oct 11 yess definitely
Theodore Coleman-Brown
2:40pm on 29 Oct 11 yes
Joshua Williams
2pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes please! A full day often means I don't have time to use it that much!
Dan Petrisor
1:57pm on 29 Oct 11 YESSSSS...especially in the time close to exams....
Rangel Koldanov
1:39pm on 29 Oct 11 During the busy exam periods the 24h library would be really useful facility. I absolutely support this idea!
Daniel Tope-Charlton
1:29pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes, always useful
John Knight
1:18pm on 29 Oct 11 100% yes. Best idea I have heard in ages.
James Foreshaw
1:16pm on 29 Oct 11 Fantastic idea, you have my support.
Phillips Femi
1pm on 29 Oct 11 This is a brilliant idea, I only hope all barriers can be removed to achieve this. 24hours library access for students at Leeds University is a yes. Absolutely YES.
Iredia Osayomwanbo Aivihenyo
12:52pm on 29 Oct 11 I have always wondered why our university was very different to others in the country with the library opening hours being restricted to a limited hours when other unversities I have visited are open 24/7 to their student who need to use it for studies time as when they need to do so. I am glad that this isssue has come up for for open discussion, therefore I will agree that it should be open 24/7 because having full access to the university facilities is partly the reason we pay to come and study in it.
Chika Onyeukwu
12:40pm on 29 Oct 11 Its a good thing a lot of us are thinking alike. I was discussing with a classmate on the how crowded and stressful the library could be sometimes because every student is trying to make the most of available time before the library closes for the day.This idea has my FULL support!!!
Rachel Ball
12:38pm on 29 Oct 11 I did my undergraduate degree at Sheffield where there is a 24-hour library AND all the other libraries still had better opening hours than those at Leeds. Being used to such a level of availability, the libraries at Leeds have been one of the very few unfavorable comparisons I have made with my former uni!
Vusal Muradov
12:29pm on 29 Oct 11 Definetly.good idea and we need it.Would be perfect..
Christopher Rushton
12:12pm on 29 Oct 11 Even though I don't use the library that much, I can't think of any reason why this is a bad idea. Get on it!
Rose Leeson
12:06pm on 29 Oct 11 I vote YES!
Connor Home
11:58am on 29 Oct 11 It's something that a University like Leeds should have done years ago. Sheffield has a 24 hour library all year round, Leeds should be keeping up with it's Yorkshire rivals in terms of quality of education and resources.
Sian Hermitt
11:32am on 29 Oct 11 Yes please! I've been waiting for this to be suggested, it would be so useful especially at exam time. I'd much prefer to work quietly through the night than battle for a place to sit during the day.
Emily Pepper
11:12am on 29 Oct 11 This is a great idea for people who are generally busy during the day so find they need to study late at night/ early in the morning before lectures.
Christina Erwin
11:03am on 29 Oct 11 Yes definitely, if not 24/7 I think they should definitely open at 7 and close at midnight every day. It seems ridiculous that Leeds Met can go to their library 24/7 and we're supposedly the better university but we're being provided with worse studying facilities.
Boyang Zou
10:47am on 29 Oct 11 Definitely yes!!! Meanwhile I think the lib should offer more e-book!
Jessica Rucell
10:09am on 29 Oct 11 i am not sure we need 24/7 but till 1/3am yes.
Bingru Wang
9:45am on 29 Oct 11 yes~~~
Soma Sundaram Kuttalam
8:45am on 29 Oct 11 Instead, let us think of modernising our libraries. Let LUU encourage to buy more e books so that we can read whenever and wherever we want. Find out some ways to scan all old books with permission from publishers. Remember, in future there will not be any lib. Our Bretherton and E.B. will be monuments or just e reading rooms (always open)!!!
Rebecca Howells
8:23am on 29 Oct 11 Definitely a good idea :-)
Julia Bilby
8:19am on 29 Oct 11 Great idea - a system I've seen in the past is just to open the reference area/short loan and an attached work area 24/7, as a way of stopping it costing a fortune. Of course, it needs balancing against whether it would cost less simply to provide more of the core books for short loans...
Sompalle Balaji .
8:13am on 29 Oct 11 its definetly a yes......
Luke Simpson
7:57am on 29 Oct 11 Yes obviously this would be perfect for everyone studying. Considering on some courses we definitely don't have enough copies of the books allowing better access to the reference copies could probably improve academic standards. I fully support this!
Past Novel Larasaty
4:19am on 29 Oct 11 whhoever invented this idea: YOU ARE BRILLIANT MAN!! I totally support this idea since I love reading and I don't want to be sent home at 12 in midnight meanwhile I am in the highest mood of reading and researching my essay + dissertation! This idea must be done!! :D
Dominic Wade
4:04am on 29 Oct 11 Definately Yes. It's frustrating when you need a book from Brotherton but find that it is not open when you get there.
Alexander Crossley
2:50am on 29 Oct 11 I would certainly say yes to 24 hour opening as someone who likes to work whilst everyone else is asleep. Perhaps just ensure that one library is open at all times?
Ponalo Tshosa
1:32am on 29 Oct 11 Great idea...and I say YES to 24hrs opening.
Ajantha Ballard
12:04am on 29 Oct 11 DEFINITELY YES YES YESS!!! Having the library opened 24/7 will be so good for people like me who generally can only start work from after 9-10pm and work through the morning till 2-5am. SO A DEFINITE YES! and it will definitely motivate us to work seeing other students and not fall asleep trying to work on our bed at 2am as this is where we will automatically go to. SO YES YES YES!!! Health science library should also be made 24hrs or at least opened till 12pm every day PLEASE!!!
Lara Bugle
11:47pm on 28 Oct 11 DO IT!! sooo important!
Sophia Boubal
11:32pm on 28 Oct 11 Absolutely! Got kicked out of the Brotherton tonight (friday night) in the middle of researching my essay at 6:45. By the time I got home and made dinner, the drive to continue working had somewhat left me especially as my housemates were having pre-drinks at ours. All that to say that I haven't done any further work since i've been home and my evening feels utterly wasted. I think providing a quite environment for students to study at all times is essential! So please do make at least one library stay open 24hrs, especially during exam times, although essays and coursework are due in all year round and can be just as stressful as exams. THIS IS A DEFINITE YES! PLEASE DO IT!
Georgios Pargianas
11:29pm on 28 Oct 11 Yes! hands down!
Li Hoong
11:21pm on 28 Oct 11 Definite yes!
Sebastian Ratcliffe
11:08pm on 28 Oct 11 Definitely yes!!
Noorjahan Goffar
10:45pm on 28 Oct 11 Definitely should happen, especially for students who work weekends during library opening hours.
Abdullah Aloraini
10:38pm on 28 Oct 11 The opening hours need to be changed. 24/7 365 days a year is the best outcome. However, if this not likely to happen, then for a start the library should function from 8am to midnight 365 days a year.
Jingxun Tang
10:27pm on 28 Oct 11 Sheffield uni has one 24-hour lib, Manchester uni has one 24-hour lib, Birmingham has one, LMU has one ...... and finally , Leeds uni has one, hmm, I think I should say " leeds uni may have one in the future" . I found it is so inconvenient to have a non-24-hour library since the first week I came to the UK as an international student. I thought this idea had been proposed but probably got rejected since leeds uni has long history, I don't think no one think about this. I always hope I can stay in lib as long as possible or I can go to library whenever I want, especially when flatmates have their home parties every night. Anyway, in fact, I think this idea should be proposed and accepted before I was born so that more Noble price winners might be created by library, themselves and, from Leeds university.
Shane Ellams
9:50pm on 28 Oct 11 Yes! We should also create more lockers around uni so we need not lug heavy books back and forth everyday...
Georgios Deligiannis
9:43pm on 28 Oct 11 I agree as well, it will be beneficial for students that are not done by midnight and are forced to stop. It could be just me but usually by the time I get back home the lust for knowledge is gone!
Bo Wang
9:28pm on 28 Oct 11 Definitely a good idea!!!! We should offer the students enough time and space for hard working!!!!!
Khatija Ahmad Moosa
9:27pm on 28 Oct 11 I think it would be a good idea if the library was open later than just midnight. However I disagree it should be open 24/7 because it can potentially become a social gathering place for students coming with the intention of 'catching up with friends whilst trying to study'....if 24/7 was to take place, it would also mean presence of staff to maintain decorum in the Library - this is not possible. I don't want my Library to be open 24/7, however I'd like for it be open a bit later than midnight maybe 2am!
Benjamin Mulvihill
9:26pm on 28 Oct 11 The benefits that this would bring do not justify the cost of running the library for 24 hours a day. Perhaps the suggestion of extending the opening hours later around examination periods may be justified in a stressful climate, and the hours extended on a Friday. But this would not ease usage around University clusters; they will be busy in the day as that is the most sensible time to use the library. The University has no obligation to cater to what would probably be very few students who would use the library at 3AM. I would rather the money be spent elsewhere that would benefit much more of the student body, such as keeping our lecturers in work.
Mark Vongyer
9:16pm on 28 Oct 11 Absolutely. The library should also be open during the holiday season.
Japareng Lalung
9:14pm on 28 Oct 11 Yes!
Chaojie Ni
9:12pm on 28 Oct 11 It's a must!!!~~~
Saif Jasim
9:09pm on 28 Oct 11 The reason why i stopped going to the library was the fact that i waste time going and coming to and from the library whenever they close... PLEASE have the library open 24 hours a day!!! it will be very beneficial!!
Chor Ng
8:57pm on 28 Oct 11 YES!
Begum Tuncali
8:57pm on 28 Oct 11 100% agreed! Especially before exams. - It would also be beneficial if fridays' and the weekend times were to be Much improved.
Shonagh Lowerson-Head
8:57pm on 28 Oct 11 Definietly. I got kicked out the library today because it was closing when I had intended to stay late (admittedly my own fault for not checking the opening hours) but I am so much less productive at my halls!
Elizabeth Walmsley
8:42pm on 28 Oct 11 Brilliant idea. If the University insists on our £3,000+ tuition fees only providing some of us with a mere 6 hours of contact time a week because the rest is supposed to be "self study" time, we should at least be able to do so whenever we want to.
Emma Sherrard
8:35pm on 28 Oct 11 This is definitely a good idea for around the busiest times. I know a lot of Universities that open their libraries for 24 hours in busy periods. I also agree with opening the libraries over 'holiday' periods as some of us are still in University even when most of the Uni are on holiday.
Sarah Cook
8:24pm on 28 Oct 11 A very good idea. Also, the library hours are reduced "out of term-timne", but some of us are reasearching all year round. It causes major problems if the library is on reduced hours during "holiday" time.
Alexander Fowles
8:22pm on 28 Oct 11 24 hours is not a huge increase in the hours currently open, and it could make staffing rosters easier, by having three 8 hour shifts, it also reduces time consuming closure procedures. Why not run a trial period first to see how it goes?
Charlie Jones
8:18pm on 28 Oct 11 Great idea! Would help out so many students especially when its close to exam time and when coursework projects are due
Suhayl Zulfiquar
8:05pm on 28 Oct 11 Absolutely yes. Especially during exam periods. People have very different schedules for a plethora of different reasons and one of the key things the Uni can do to accomodate this is by being having the library (EB or Brotherton) open 24 hours.
Richard Cropper
7:46pm on 28 Oct 11 I agree. The library is pivotal in a good university.
Caroline Marzano
7:35pm on 28 Oct 11 Definitely! I just got told to leave edward boyle at 6:45 on a friday-far too early especially as you can stay late without having lectures the next day!
Peck Ki Pang
7:33pm on 28 Oct 11 yessss plsssssssssss ! esp on the weekends ! why does it close so earlyyyy !
Stephanie Lakin
7:32pm on 28 Oct 11 This is a brilliant idea. 24 hr library access is something most universities in the country have. It gives people a place to go to to get away from loud housemates and distractions where they would not have to worry about a time limit on their work. It slso means sources can be referenced from at all hours. Essay deadlines occur all throughout the term and can be extremely stressful and i feel having this facility in place would be beneficial.
Samuel Duong
7:29pm on 28 Oct 11 YES! YES! YES!
Oluwatomilayo Fadoju
7:14pm on 28 Oct 11 Definately.
Helen Durham
6:54pm on 28 Oct 11 This is a great idea. I write this having just been kicked out of Edward Boyle at 7pm on a Friday night, and had to move to a different computer cluster. It would be particularly useful having access to reference books at all hours of the day since we obviously can't take these out of the library when we have to leave.
Ali Al-Yami
6:52pm on 28 Oct 11 Oh YES! what a great idea...
Ellie Sherman-Smith
6:31pm on 28 Oct 11 Definitely a good idea. The most annoying thing is either getting there late and then being kicked out once the library starts to close and also have to wait around for a computer to free up in the clusters because everyone is attempting to use them at the same time. It would definitely spread out usage over the entirety of students and make using the Library less stressful and time-restricted.
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