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Should the Union create a Nap Space?

Proposer name:

Tom Follett

Why have you proposed it?:

Many students have trouble concentrating in their lectures due to lack of sleep, yet they are stuck on campus in between their classes. If there was a space for them to catch up on their sleep, they could improve their concentration and thus academic performance, helping university and student alike. Studies show that students who've had enough sleep perform much better at mental tasks than those short on sleep. Such a space would also improve the wellbeing of students, by preventing them feeling down and lacking energy.

What the idea is about:

Create a space specifically for students to take naps in, with comfy sofas or reclining chairs, dim lighting and quietness


There was some changes to this Idea

What the idea is about: Create a space specifically for students to take naps in, with comfy removable fixtures, dim lighting and quietness.

The Panel then voted on this Idea 6 Yes 10 No.

This Idea was sent to Referendum by the Student Panel



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Anxgame Gps
2:12am on 13 Dec 14 PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH can understand that there are medical circumstances pabrik tas produsen tas where this would be useful, however in hindsight it should tas seminar kit murah definitely not be passed. As previously stated it would be a pabrik tas jogja complete waste of resources and those complaining of working pesan-tas-seminar late into the night and balancing extra curricular activities should tas-seminar-ransel perhaps look into cutting their workloads and better time-managing tas-seminar-batik themselves before considering a nap on campus (early gym sessions and tas-ransel-batik you wonder why you're tired...really!?). People who work 40+ hours a week seminar-kit-murah in the 'real world' wouldn't consider having a bed at work and furthermore tas-seminar-murah PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH fully expect that this 'service' would get abused by hungover students. pabrik-tas-harga-murah-di-jogjakarta PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH do a PhD so PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH know how exhausting long hours of work can be, plus PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH exercise pabrik-tas-produsen-tas-jogja and Pabrik-tas-Produsen-tas-murah-jogja-b1-p7and PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH go out, yet somehow PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH manage to get through my days without a nap! pabrik-tas-seminar-murah-di-jogja Use the space to build a Starbucks... problem solved. produsen tas online Although PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH absolutely support this for reasons below, pabrik tas murah grosir tas online PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH do agree that there would be a lot of demand and the room pesan tas seminar would probably keep being taken over by people who perhaps pabrik tas seminar murah weren't wanting to use it constructively. Maybe a way round this could pabrik tas seminar kit be found? such as certain times being limited to those who had been tas seminar harga murah approved as having official access eg for health reasons But then PABRIK TAS SEMINAR MURAH guess the room would have to be staffed tas seminar harga murah have Napsoc thought about this?
Alexander Smith
7:58pm on 23 Jun 12 To those saying they need a nap because they stay up working - maybe try going to bed at a normal time and doing your work in the day. Just a thought..
Hussain Alenezi
6:02am on 18 May 12 Yes. Good idea.
Hussain Alenezi
6:02am on 18 May 12 Yes.
Chor Ng
3:54am on 16 May 12 yes please!
Oliver Rigg
12:34am on 16 May 12 I can't really think of any response to this other than COME ON. REALLY?! A nap space?! Despite the obvious logistical, sanitary and spatial restrictions; what are the actual benefits of a daytime nap? If you're not getting enough sleep, napping isn't going to help... It's aaaaall about slow wave NREM sleep. If you can't handle maintaining consciousness throughout a day then either stop being a pussy or binge drink less and go to bed. MAN OH MAN.
James Hanson
8:49pm on 14 Feb 12 What a ridiculous idea! Our students these days so self-indulged that they cannot operate without somewhere to sleep in the middle of the working day? Try telling your future employers that you think they should introduce a nap space - their response would likely be to present you with your P45! For a start, where would this space be? The LUU cannot simply conjure up another room from thin air, so the Common Room or some such space would have to be sacrificed for the sake of a few sleepy individuals. If students spent less time getting wasted the night before they might not be so tired the next day as to need to sleep! What is the world coming to!
Remy Chaplais
5:12pm on 14 Jan 12 I think definitely. I often find it hard to get to sleep at night and find when I try to do work in the library or trying to listen and take notes in lectures that I end up falling falling asleep where i'm sitting, rather than following what I am meant to be doing. I feel a nap area would definitely help, I'm all for it.
Yulia Bates
7:56pm on 29 Nov 11 Absolutely! Why hasn't something been done about this already?!
Catherine Allison
6:30pm on 29 Nov 11 Although I absolutely support this for reasons below, I do agree that there would be a lot of demand and the room would probably keep being taken over by people who perhaps weren't wanting to use it constructively. Maybe a way round this could be found? such as certain times being limited to those who had been approved as having official access eg for health reasons. But then I guess the room would have to be staffed... have Napsoc thought about this?
Matthew Bilton
2:10pm on 29 Nov 11 I can understand that there are medical circumstances where this would be useful, however in hindsight it should definitely not be passed. As previously stated it would be a complete waste of resources and those complaining of working late into the night and balancing extra curricular activities should perhaps look into cutting their workloads and better time-managing themselves before considering a nap on campus (early gym sessions and you wonder why you're tired...really!?). People who work 40+ hours a week in the 'real world' wouldn't consider having a bed at work and furthermore I fully expect that this 'service' would get abused by hungover students. I do a PhD so I know how exhausting long hours of work can be, plus I exercise and I go out, yet somehow I manage to get through my days without a nap! Use the space to build a Starbucks... problem solved.
Giulia Gigliobianco
1:21pm on 29 Nov 11 yes!!!
Giulia Gigliobianco
1:21pm on 29 Nov 11 yes!!!
Hugo Zanker
1:14pm on 29 Nov 11 yes
Alexander Harrison
10:27am on 29 Nov 11 Defo yes!!!
Paul Smith
10:14am on 29 Nov 11 With the exception of a few employers, I am not aware of it being universally accepted to 'go have a kip' during the working day, so I do not think it should be encouraged now in all honesty. "Excuse me Mr boss, I'm knackered, can I go for a lie down for 20 minutes?" However, power naps have been proven beneficial, so why shouldn't it be encouraged?
Paul Smith
10:14am on 29 Nov 11 With the exception of a few employers, I am not aware of it being universally accepted to 'go have a kip' during the working day, so I do not think it should be encouraged now in all honesty. "Excuse me Mr boss, I'm knackered, can I go for a lie down for 20 minutes?" However, power naps have been proven beneficial, so why shouldn't it be encouraged?
Anna Muwanga
8:39am on 29 Nov 11 YES WITHOUT A DOUBT
Benedetto Di Gregorio
10:58pm on 28 Nov 11 Yes Yes..... and Yes!!!
Oluwatosin Salami
9:54pm on 28 Nov 11 This idea has cross my mind before, and its good to see that the majority support this. I vote YES.
Rebecca Shonfeld
9:39pm on 28 Nov 11 What a ridiculous idea. Hardly a good routine to get into if any of us want a job once we graduate.
Ailish King
9:28pm on 28 Nov 11 YES!!
Monika Polak
9:23pm on 28 Nov 11 i vote yes :D.
Junliang Chen
8:39pm on 28 Nov 11 Yes. Definitely!
Kate Hicks
8:21pm on 28 Nov 11 yes yes yes!!!
Alessandro Kosciansky
7:03pm on 28 Nov 11 Yes. Definitely! I often take naps in the afternoon and if there was a facility on campus I would use it.
Muhammad Asif
6:28pm on 28 Nov 11 Great, Love this idea.
Catherine Allison
6:05pm on 28 Nov 11 Please, please pass this… I have CFS/ME and have asked Equality Services if they can provide a room for me to lie down in during the day, especially as I live far away and can’t ‘pop’ home, but they can’t help. There must be other people with health conditions who are in a similar position, or even if you are on medication, this can often make you tired as a side-effect.
Coran Sloss
3:55pm on 28 Nov 11 While I can't sleep during the day, this seems like it would be benificial to thers so I say yes.
Amy Campbell
6:19pm on 14 Nov 11 Fantastic idea, please pass this!!
Georgina Scarff
10:36pm on 13 Nov 11 LOVE this idea
Roshnie Patel
5:44pm on 9 Nov 11 Yes!!!! Its great, especially for those with only a 1 or 2 hour gap between lectures in the day and so cannot go back to their halls as it isn't efficient. =)
Katharine Howard-Comber
7:05pm on 2 Nov 11 I think that's such a good idea!
Alice Wolff
11:33am on 2 Nov 11 I think that this is a great idea.
Chang Ge
1:44am on 1 Nov 11 A nap space is really important. I hope we can have a nap in our compass in the future.
David Caldicott
6:03pm on 31 Oct 11 There are a number of common concerns and issues that people seem to have about this idea. As the founder of Napsoc, hopefully I can shed some light on these: Daytime napping has been demonstrated in paper after paper to be beneficial to alertness, creativity, problem solving ability, emotional well-being, metabolic function and more. We are not talking about hour-long sleeps (which in fact worsen alertness), simply a quick, 20 minute power nap. If you doubt my claim look at the research links on the Napsoc facebook page, in particular the research conducted by NASA. One of the goals of the napping society is to de-stigmatize daytime napping. We live in a society where we have convinced ourselves that we can stay awake and alert for 16 hours in one go without suffering a lag in mental ability. We know that this is not true. The fact that our parents and the adults of our western world don't take naps only demonstrates that they have not been given the education and facilities to do so (with the exception of Churchill, Einstein, Newton, Bonaparte, JFK, Thomas Edison and more). We are students, we are supposed to be the young, innovative, forward thinking group that is essential to the development and optimization of society. What better way to prove this than to listen to the research, take a 20 minute nap at about 1-3pm and show that we can be more productive than previous generations, despite what they say about us! Companies in silicon valley are already starting to set up nap-rooms for their employees, some even mandating a nap. If we want to be as productive and healthy as we can be, we should at least allow the facilities for students to do so. This is why we are setting up Napsoc as, amongst other things, we will use membership fees to pay for the maintenance, materials and safe-practice of the nap room. Tax-payers money will not be used, and only those who join the society and want to use the room will be required to pay for it. Despite what some have inferred, we do not and have never suggested any use of the nap room for curing hangovers. If students are hungover at University then it is their own responsibility and we do not endorse binge-drinking culture. From the start we knew that this would be a misconception about what we wanted to do and unfortunately some made that incorrect assumption. Since we started publicising Napsoc most of the interest that we have had has come directly from the following: students on hour-intensive courses, students who suffer from medical conditions that leave them fatigued, students who are pregnant and mature students coping with multiple jobs and studies. We are not freshers looking for a hangover cure! We are just listening to the research and trying to make the most of our days. There are a number of strategies that we have suggested that may get around the concerns about how people will be woken up, care for valuables, time-limits, conduct etc. The point is that obviously there will be logistical issues that will need to be worked around, but by having the room looked after by the society it takes the risk away from the University and into the hands of the students who want to see it work and who join. We believe that just as every University now has a gym – when 50 years ago it would have been unheard of – every University should, and will, have a nap room. Who else wants Leeds to be the first?! For more information please visit
Jinnie Powell
6:02pm on 31 Oct 11 I've been thinking about this for a while as I and many of my friends are constantly tired. It's not through partying. It's through keeping up with studying, working (to support uni) and keeping up with societies. In my opinion, the union should not create a space for napping. There is already space in the countless lecture theatres and seminar rooms not being used. If the union/university had a way of showing where these vacant rooms are update at every hour (like with the IT cluster information), students could go and nap in them. Not only would this give students choice of how quiet the room needs to be, they can choose how dark it should be and which area on campus in relation to lectures.The union could them maybe run a Rent-A-Pillow scheme if it works out??
Paul O'Neill
5:02pm on 31 Oct 11 I have trouble concentrating in lectures and seminars because insomnia means sometimes I just can't sleep at night, no matter how well I manage my time. I think somewhere to nap during the day is a great idea. I've fallen asleep in the library many times trying to work between classes and it's embarrassing for me and annoying for others.
Oliver Haycock
12:29pm on 31 Oct 11 Working professionals are expected to stay awake throughout a days work, I don't see why it should be different for students. Seems a bit immature and silly!
Rebecca Millard
10:53am on 31 Oct 11 Pffft, not everyone who is tired in lectures has gone out the night before, some of us stay up working! Yes, let us have our naps :)
Jannette Lewsley
10:24am on 31 Oct 11 Great idea, not all of us stay up all night partying! Some stay up late because thats the only time away from children to do the Uni work in. Others live too far away from home to catch a nap when fatigue hits. It's not just about drunken students who should know better its also about those who do know better but can't escape life.
Lucy Gossip
11:28pm on 30 Oct 11 I originally thought "Yes" to this idea, but then I stopped and thought about it. The najority of reason behind people being so tired during lectures is because they stay up all night getting drunk and clubbing, so they are tired and hung over the next day. That is their own fault. If they want more sleep they should go to bed earlier. "But that's no fun" they say - but to be honest, there is plenty fun that can be had in the earlier hours of the evening that does not require going to bed at silly o'clock in the morning. Also, we are at university now, not school, and as such we are completely independent and ought to be learning time management for ourselves.
Philippa Watts
4:40pm on 30 Oct 11 I won't repeat what everyone else has said about time management, hygiene etc. but there remains one big question that nobody seems to have asked - where are you planning on putting this ridiculous venture? There isn't enough free space as there is, would you have societies lugging beds around to make rehearsal space etc.?
Napoleon Buenrostro Zuniga
3:20pm on 30 Oct 11 I would say yes!It´s not about making students lazy, It´s about helping them improve their productivity. There are many studies made by professional researchers that shows the benefits of having a nap during the day. Increasing the alertness and attentiveness and also reducing stress are some of these benefits. It´s not necessary to invest huge amounts of money, a soft Thick Carpet Padding may be enough.
Katharine Blacklaws
3:15pm on 30 Oct 11 I don't go for this, getting enough sleep is all part of good time management, if you go out and party all night before a 9am lecture it's your own stupid fault if you can't concentrate the next day in class. This is babying of students, quite literally, as far as I know only toddlers at day care get to have a nap anywhere other than their own home. You're not going to be able to nap when you start a job, sometimes you need to just drink some coffee, push on through and get an early night that night. On a technical point I think this will take up too much space in the union which could be put to better use.
Laura Heinonen
2:41pm on 30 Oct 11 Yes!
Joseph Bradley
1:22pm on 30 Oct 11 For general use absolutely not, there's already a shortage of space for many of the societies. We are all adults and should be responsible for our own time management and our own well being. The only circumstance where it may be applicable would be to provide a service for those with medical conditions.
Vanessa Cox
11:38am on 30 Oct 11 For the people saying this is a waste of resources, think about the people with CFS/ME on campus. This shouldn't just be aimed at the the hungover drunks and those who had a late night finishing an assignment. Think about how this could benefit people with disabilities. Great Idea
Joshua Walker
11:03am on 30 Oct 11 Great idea! I would use these facilities often
Sam Wong
10:03pm on 29 Oct 11 not gonna work. from looking at how scruffy and messy the lounge is, I can't imagine lying on bed or whatever that someone has just been on.
Stephen Hoffman
7:48pm on 29 Oct 11 Tom as a friend of yours this has got to be the stupidest thing ever. Peoploe like myself and i'm sure our parents, friends and relatives work regular 9-5pm jobs and don't ask for a nap space, why should we when with the exception of science and medic students we are lucky enough to have less than 10 hour a week contact time- I myself as a fourth year Leeds Student only have 6 hours a week. If your tired - here's a radical thing, perhaps sleep more at night and if your tired during the day go home and sleep there. I do not think any student's money but also indirectly tazpayers' money should be spent on this ludicrous idea.
Elettra Rastelli
7:36pm on 29 Oct 11 I agree with people who say it is a waste of resources. I heard there was a money problem, even all societies have had cuts in some way and you want to dedicate a room to "naps". I see where you are coming from with the lack of sleep, but we ARE adults, therefore responsible for the organisation of our time. If the late nights are caused by parties, it is not up to the university to help these students catch up with sleep. If, however, they are caused by studying all night, well I am sure that in most cases it is because of poor time organisation. The hours inbetween lectures can be used to go to the library and do some work (if they are too tired, that's where coffee comes in, we've all been there). I have nothing against taking a nap while waiting for your next class. But I think that dedicating an area just to that is a waste (and a little patronising). There are already several social areas, the Lounge, for example is relatively quiet and I don't think it is forbidden to fall asleep there, or even in the libraries. Ok, it may not be as comfortable as a soft couch, but we are not 5 year olds. Besides, the idea of a nap space is not really applicable, in my opinion. to be sure not to miss class people would set up alarms, and it would not be very relaxing would it? How would you avoid that? By setting up slots? Again, hard to put into practice. I would, however, agree to simply putting some "please be quiet" signs in one of the already designated social areas. There people could relax however they wish as long as they don't talk: taking a nap, listening to some music or watching a film (with headphones, naturally), reading a book etc.
Holly McPhail
7:26pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes please!! this would be perfect for me as i have to travel 1 hour every morning to get to uni and also go for a morning run before. on days where i have a 9am lecture i have to get up at 5.30am! about midday when i have alot of lectures would be perfect to just have a little nap to get my energy levels up. i think i would think alot clearer to do my work. i really hope this idea becomes a reality!
Jack Westall
7:10pm on 29 Oct 11 Best idea ever.
Courtney Stone
6:40pm on 29 Oct 11 There are definitely ups and downs to this idea. On one hand we do have to bear in mind that uni is a place of study and most students are tired due to a lack of sleep from clubbing all night and not looking after themselves. But someone above said that uni is school, and I disagree with this, because at the end of the day, we are adults, and this is a completely different level of education. And also, the union is not a place of study, it's a social place for the students of Leeds to get together, so why shouldn't we have a nap space? I think it's a good idea, but I can imagine a lot of people fighting against it. I work hard and have some early mornings and am still tired, at home I will just nap and not do anything when I get up, but a nap at uni would be ideal. Apparently the brain works in 20 minute slots, so a power nap of 20 minutes could be the only sleep you are allowed? Restrict the amount of time students can spend in there and there's not really an issue.
Hannah Delamore
6:29pm on 29 Oct 11 Personally I think creating a "nap space" would be a great idea. How many people see class mates falling asleep during lectures? I have a 9-6 day on tuesday with a 2 hour gap, if there was a nap room I would definitely use it in these two hours to make sure I am alert for the later lectures. (i'd also like to add i don't go out on monday nights so being sleepy is not self-inflicted!)
Christina Annesley
5:05pm on 29 Oct 11 I have no idea why people are saying that university is supposed to prepare us for the workplace; some people do degrees because of a passion for their subject and not as some careerist incentive. That is not the purpose of university. The union wastes money on countless initiatives and quite frankly this is one of the very least useless ones I've heard proposed, I'd welcome it.
Rebecca Green
4:44pm on 29 Oct 11 what a pathetic idea and a waste of resources. For a university student and supposedly educated individual i am surprised he came up with such a ridiculous proposition. If students are tired then stop patying and getting pissed and stay at home and have an early night. If half the uni can do it why cant the other half?? What a waste of money and resources this idea would be if it went ahead. Dont have much faith in the union if this is the sort of crap they come up with!!!
Thomas Namgauds
4:38pm on 29 Oct 11 Definitely, after early gym session I'm always really tired by midday so great idea for between lectures
Assia Barigou
Matthew Sweeney
3:26pm on 29 Oct 11 Best Idea ever. String some hammocks up. I'd even pay!
David Babashoff
2:29pm on 29 Oct 11 of course yes!
Alexander Barker
2:04pm on 29 Oct 11 Napping during the day has significant health benefits. Its science. And the Spanish do it, what more do you need to know?
Rangel Koldanov
1:38pm on 29 Oct 11 Great idea! Completely support it and hope it to become reality.
Xanthinia Singer
12:34pm on 29 Oct 11 Yes, that's a great idea. Maybe a different name, because it does make the university sound like a nursery. But dim lighting and nice chairs would be brilliant: I nearly fell asleep in one of my lectures because I'd been up completing an assignment all night the night before. It was one of the most pointless hours of my life, I didn't learn a thing because I was nodding off the whole time! Yes, yes, and yes.
Christopher Rushton
12:11pm on 29 Oct 11 i don't see any reason why the union couldn't have a dedicated quiet space with comfortable chairs for people to simply go to and maybe read, take a few minutes to themselves or (dare I even say it) take a quick nap. However, branding it as a napping area would make it sound pretty stupid. good idea, needs rebranding though
Danielle Thornton
11:23am on 29 Oct 11 This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard. A nap space!? We're supposed to be becoming professionals. If you can't get a good night sleep then stop going out and getting drunk every night of the week and plan your time properly so you're not doing work until stupid o'clock! This isn't primary school...perhaps you want some free milk, too!?
Emily Pepper
11:09am on 29 Oct 11 Yes please!
Helen Bradshaw
10:52am on 29 Oct 11 As much as I would sometime love a nap in the middle of the day, I don't think that there is way to do this due to hygiene reasons!! Who would want to sleep in sheets that have been slept in by someone else? And even if they were changed after every person, how much energy and money would be wasted on washing all the sheets???
Kate Pike
Kate Pike
Jessica Rucell
10:06am on 29 Oct 11 yes. and a quiet working area in the union please!
Saagar Sachdev
5:11am on 29 Oct 11 Oh Yes, simply yeah! something similar might help!
Past Novel Larasaty
4:34am on 29 Oct 11 no way, it's school. in school, you're committed to work hard and manage yourself and your time. sleeping is not a part of curriculum and it is nothing to do with how students should concentrate in class. we should try to work harder to be better and stronger :) maybe use your spare nap-time for reading easy books in the library or just browsing for more useful thing. we can sleep at home, not at school.
Dominic Wade
3:57am on 29 Oct 11 Definitely yes.
Alexander Crossley
2:40am on 29 Oct 11 THis is a stuid idea and would be a complete waste of valuable space in the Uni buildings. If you need a nap that badly, go home. If you dont have time to go home then go to the library or do something productive. Alternatively, buy a coffee.
Kate Pemberton
12:24am on 29 Oct 11 Here we go
Kate Pemberton
12:17am on 29 Oct 11 This is a BRILLIANT idea. All this talk of a waste or 'resources' and having a nap space not preparing us for 'real life' is nonsense. If resources were so scarce in this multimillion pound business of a university, why not charge a small fee? In jobs in 'real life' we don't have ridiculous hours to be stuck on a university campus while we wait for contact with our bosses. This is real life, just a part of it that is different to having a full time job and a part that could be made a hell of a lot better by the introduction of such a facility. It wouldn't take much, just somewhere quiet with some comfortable places to lie down. I have heard of workers in the 'real world' championing similar ideas, where you can pay to sleep in a sort of pod for a an hour. Such ventures would increase attentiveness and productivity. As for students partying harder if they knew they could have a nap the next day, I find this a ridiculous argument. Surely, SURELY people are aware of how many students fail to even turn up to university some days due to partying? While I do not support this and am aware that university is meant for studying not lazing about, it would be much better to have students turning up to university, making use of a nap facility and continuing to work rather than for these students to stay in bed for a day! From a personal perspective, I could definitely see the brilliance of a nap area. I have hardly been 'out' since freshers, have been working hard, have been ill and have (like many other freshers) been struggling with anxiety which as some people will know often affects sleep. Sleep can be disrupted by the smallest stresses and for freshers, coming to university probably incorporates a wider variety of stresses than anything else. Sleep is absolutely vital for human beings to function properly. I have struggled to stay awake in lectures (and even some seminars) on a regular basis and find myself going to areas in the union such as the lounge to try to nap. While the lounge and the common room are comfortable, they are also noisy, crowded and are not sufficient for a proper rest. I have wasted a lot of time trying and failing to nap there, time that could have been spent working. For those of us that don't have the luxury of living near to or on campus, a sleeping bay would be a life line. Best idea for a better Leeds yet!
Augusta Riddy
11:34pm on 28 Oct 11 I think that's a really good idea. There's no point denying that university is a time during which you don't get much sleep for a variety of reasons, and I don't see why it's a bad thing to try and alleviate this. I would definitely take advantage of this resource.
David Turner
11:29pm on 28 Oct 11 Absolute "BS". University is about preparing the students for professional life. No-one in their right mind would allow their employees "Nap time". We're not primary school students, but professionals in training!
Natalie Theodoropoulou
11:23pm on 28 Oct 11 No! That's kinda ridiculous. ISn't uni supposed to prepare us for "real" life? How many work places hvae nap spaces? At some point we have to figure out how to balance work and play...
Woranut Phummarin
11:19pm on 28 Oct 11 It's such a great idea..! I vote for it..:)
Shane Ellams
9:49pm on 28 Oct 11 Yes that would be great!
Holly Gibson
9:22pm on 28 Oct 11 Definitely!
Mark Vongyer
9:18pm on 28 Oct 11 This would be a serious waste of resources. No!
Japareng Lalung
9:13pm on 28 Oct 11 Absolutely Yes!
Pierce Mullen
9:03pm on 28 Oct 11 Yes!
Kymberley Cochrane
9pm on 28 Oct 11 It's a fantastic idea!!! I commute daily (usually getting the 7:03 train!!!) and sometimes have four or five hours to kill between lectures or society meetings. Once I had a nap on one of the benches outside Roger Stevenson’s as I was soooooo tired so yes! Great idea in my opinion!!!! =D =D
Emma Sherrard
8:32pm on 28 Oct 11 I think people need to use their time more wisely if they are needing a nap at Uni. I am a third year student nurse managing to work shifts, do essays, complete placement documentation and also work part time. We all come to University to work hard and yes, it can be tough at times so using these resources to support students in using time for best effects should at least be attempted first. People will also use this as an excuse to go out the night before lectures as they can have a nap at Uni. This is not a good use of the University's resources at all.
Suhayl Zulfiquar
8:08pm on 28 Oct 11 Great idea.
Edward Young
7:58pm on 28 Oct 11 I never go out the night before early starts or heavy days, but after a full few hours of lectures, I'm almost always feeling sleepy. A ten minute nap every now and then would be a God send. It's not like a whole new building has to be built, how about just a few comfy chairs, cushions and things?
William Fowler
7:47pm on 28 Oct 11 Napping area in the union? Seriously? If students have trouble concentrating in lectures due to lack of sleep then maybe they should realise that they are at uni to study first and party second. Im all for getting drunk and going out but if you do so the night before lectures then it is your call no one elses! Total waste of funds and resources that could be better used elsewhere!
Richard Cropper
7:43pm on 28 Oct 11 Great idea! But don't allow people who snore, or who have smelly feet!
Christiana Panayi
7:37pm on 28 Oct 11 Brilliant Idea!! Sleep is a major advantage when studying!! Keeping a good rest of your mind in the middle of the day is one of the priorities of daily schedule to keep you efficient for many hours.
Vinay Mistry
7:29pm on 28 Oct 11 one in the library would be better - especially when it comes to revision-period, i'm accustomed to a 30 minute nap during the day.
Stephanie Lakin
7:28pm on 28 Oct 11 I think its a waste of money and resources that can be better used elsewhere. It is impractical. People can nap elsewhere in uni if they see fit - there is no "ban" on napping, and the reasons they dont do this elsewhere are the same reasons they wouldnt nap in the nap area. How do people wake themselves up? An alarm? Would this not wake other nappers up? What about your valuables that could potentially get stolen while your napping?
Oluwatomilayo Fadoju
7:13pm on 28 Oct 11 I think it's a very good idea - walking home for a quick nap isn't always convenient and I see it being very useful during exam periods - although there would have to be adequate space for people and perhaps time limits so all students get an even chance at using the facility.
Jenefer Fraser
7:04pm on 28 Oct 11 Yes please
Jenefer Fraser
7:04pm on 28 Oct 11 As a parent of a bad sleeper, yes PLEASE!
Helen Durham
6:56pm on 28 Oct 11 Awesome idea. :)
Ali Al-Yami
6:53pm on 28 Oct 11 Oh YES! what a great idea...
Ellie Sherman-Smith
6:29pm on 28 Oct 11 Definitely definitely definitely yes!! It's not always possible to get a good night's sleep the night before lectures, usually I'm up until the small hours doing work and have lectures from 9/10am and find that my day's a write-off if I'm too tired. Definitely a great idea :)
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