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Tap water not bottled

What have we changed?

We’ve installed nine free drinking water fountains in convenient locations and removed bottled water from sale.

Why have we changed it?

Bottled water costs around 500 times more than tap water and carries a high environmental cost too. Producing a one litre bottle itself uses up to seven litres of water as well as a quarter of a litre of oil. Despite this, 180,698 bottles of water were sold in the Union in the academic year 2007–08.

How have we changed it?

Alison Vernon put this idea forward in November 2008. Students voted in favour of it in a campus-wide referendum, and Communications & Internal Affairs Officer Laura McFarlane-Shopes began working to implement water fountains soon after, leading to the removal of bottled water from sale in Healthy Week 2010.

  • Nine water fountains installed in our building
  • Bottled water removed from sale
  • Bigger range of reusable bottles stocked
  • More water fountains across campus


This work relates to the following items of policy:

Name Expires
Should the Union replace bottled water in Union shops with free drinking water facilities?



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Rose Bradbury
9:08pm on 1 Dec 11 This is such a good idea. Hope it continues!
Sheilla Pinjani
11:32am on 8 Oct 11 foll0owing on shanes comment, there should be free and safe water drinking facilities even in halls and in city. This will make us proud of a step towards creating safe environment
Shane Ellams
5:28pm on 7 Oct 11 Yes, bottled water not only leaches chemicals and messes up our environment but also takes the lovely queens head from our p.. wallet!
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