Green bins


The easiest way to recycle is using your Green Bin at home. While you can recycle most things, there are some items that can’t be put in the Green Bin - so it’s important to know what you can and can’t recycle. If you're unsure check the Council's A-Z guide here. All recycling must be put in your green bin loose - please don't use bin bags!



Junk mail, office paper, newspapers

Flattened brown card, glossy printed card, egg boxes, toilet/kitchen roll inner tubes

Metal Cans & Foil
Cleaned drink cans, food cans, pet food cans, pie dishes, soft foil.

Aluminium Aerosols
Empty deodorant cans, cleaning material, hair products

Plastic Types 1,2 & 4
These numbers can usually be found on the product packaging.

Types 1 & 2 usually contain liquids such as drink bottles, shampoo bottles and milk bottles. Type 4 is usually stretchy. If you pull it and the writing warps, then it’s probably type 4. You can also put carrier bags in your green bin!

Tetra Packs/Cartons
These can be recycled, but you can't put them in your green bin. (See section 'Recycle Points' on how to recycle).

Glass Bottles
Take these to your nearest bottle bank, you can now leave lids and screw tops of glass bottles and jars (See section 'Recycle Points' on how to recycle).

(See section 'Recycle Points' on how to recycle).

Electrical Items
(See section 'Recycle Points' on how to recycle).

Plastic Types 3, 5, 6 & 7
These plastics include some margarine tubs, yogurt pots, food cartons & polystyrene.
Food Waste
No kind of food waste can go in the Green Bin, and make sure you wash out your recycling!
Top Tip: Did you know that you can't recycle pizza boxes if they've got grease on them!


Ash Road Area Recycling Scheme


Do you want to recycle?

From 4 August 2014, Leeds City Council began trialling a new scheme in the Ash Road area of Headingley. Green bins were removed from student properties.


How do I recycle?
If you live in this area and want to recycle you will need to opt in to the green bag collection scheme. Email with your name, address and quote ARP02 on the subject line. Leeds City Council will then issue you with green bags within 4 weeks. Full bags will be replaced with new ones fortnightly, on your collection day.


What do I do with my recycling until then?
If you have additional waste or until your green bags arrive you can present your recycling in thin, transparent bags (such as kitchen bin liners or carrier bags). Do not use black bags or your recycling will be collected as general waste!
Where do I store my recycling? Bags of recycling can be stored in the garden of your property between collection days. They must not be left in streets to cause an obstruction Try to keep your recyclables dry or they may not be collected. Bags must be placed in the street by 7am on the day of your collection.
What can I recycle?
Leeds City Council only collect certain items for recycling. If you are unsure on what you can recycle in Leeds check your Living in Leeds Guide or visit


Recycle Points

Local Tip (Household Waste Sorting Sites)
The most efficient way to recycle is via your local tip, or as they are now called, Household Waste Sorting Sites. These are one-stop shops for disposing of waste in a clean and safe way. Here is a list of what can recycled at your tip:


Cardboard, garden waste, scrap mental, wood, paper, cans, aerosols, foil, plastic bottles, plastic bags, glass, rubble, soil, textiles, shoes, books, engine oil, TVs, monitors, fridges, freezers, electrical appliances, mobile phones, batteries, light bulbs, printer cartridges, tyres, paint, gas bottles

If your items can’t be recycled, then your local tip can dispose of them safety and cleanly. Hurray!


The two closest sorting sites in North West Leeds are:

Kirkstall Road Household Waste Sorting Site
Meanwood Road Household Waste Sorting Site

Glass Bottles
Because glass bottles can’t go in your green bin, they either need to be taken to the tip, or one of the numerous bottle banks in the area. Throwing glass bottles into the banks is also quite good fun and a great way to relieve some pent up stress. See our Leave Leeds Tidy Map for your nearest bottle bank. Putting glass in with other recyclable material makes it harder to get the best recycling, which is particularly a big issue with paper, as it's the most common material in green bins. 

There are a number of textile recycling points in Leeds, see our map for their locations. Alternatively, donate your unwanted clothes to a charity shop. If they can’t be sold on in the shop, then the charity shops can make money by recycling them on your behalf. Easy peasy!


Electronic Devices

You could earn money for recycling your mobiles and other electronic devices through Leeds University Union, your gadgets will then be stripped down for reuse or refurbishment, and you can also donate money to the RAG Community Fund.

Plastic Bags, Tetra Packs, Batteries & Print Cartridges
All of these can be recycled at Leeds University Union, in the main foyer. You can also donate used printer cartridges to various charities and help them raise money. Just visit the website below for a list of charities you can donate to. Good times!


Click here to visit the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle website.