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Introducing The Salad Box

Thanks to you telling us what you think, your healthy Union shop is now open for business! 

Last month, Sesame - a shop that rented out some Union space - decided it was time to leave. When we broke the news to you it was clear that the food offered by the old shop was really loved, but from comments on our Facebook page it was also obvious that there was a huge demand for a salad bar too:

So over Easter we got to work to make it happen and you'll be able get your fix of healthy food at The Salad Box from Monday 15th at 11am! 

The hotly anticipated salad bar is in there, as well as a range of sushi, fruit and healthy snacks too.

Making your loan last as long as possible is incredibly important to us, so we've worked to make sure The Salad Box is offering the lowest prices around. Here's what you can expect:

Small salad box: £2.65
Large salad box: £3.15
Pasta box: £2.49

And, of course, no shop in the Union is complete without a meal deal so we've got a few of those too:

Meal Deal One: £3.75
Large salad pot + Co-Op smoothie/orange/apple juice 250ml + piece of fruit 

Meal Deal Two: £3.25
Small salad pot/pasta pot + Co-Op smoothie/orange/apple juice 250ml + piece of fruit.

The shop is entirely run by the Union so everything you spend there will go back into supporting everything else we do - from the student advice centre to your amazing clubs and societies.

I'm really excited that we've been able to make your ideas a reality in such a short space of time. I'm looking forward to seeing you down there soon!  

Antony  |  @AntHaddley  |  0113 3801 241


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